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Bill Neville

8.21.14 Website Update

Pre-seasons have started for most high schools across America and this week The Art of Coaching Volleyball put together a list of content pieces to help coaches and players get ready. This video gives an update on what this new content was for this week and tells you how you can win an Art of

Team Drills

Austin Juniors Volleyball Club

Cover your hitter drill

Covering the block is one of the important little things that great volleyball players do every single time. When you’re well-positioned to bring a ball up after your teammate has been blocked, it can lead to many extra point opportunities during the course of a match. Here, Austin Juniors demonstrates a fun and useful coverage



Todd Rogers

Todd Rogers: Set goals every day

Olympic gold medalist Todd Rogers was an All-American indoor setter at UC Santa Barbara before he rose to the top of the beach game, so we asked him to share some volleyball advice for high school and college players as they prepare for their fall seasons. His tip: Set realistic daily goals that you can

At home drills

youth volleyball

Youth setter training progression

Setting can be challenging for young athletes because they aren’t as strong as players at the club and high school level. In this video, Steve Willingham of Lakeville South High School in Minneapolis teaches the following progression for training young setters: 1. Player sits on the ground, holds the ball and shoot sets to a



5 Essential Nutrition Tips for Volleyball Players

A big part of getting players to perform their best is making sure they’re eating the right things at the right time. By Don Patterson Experts will tell you that eating and drinking is as much a part of playing good volleyball as fitness training and practicing skills. Not surprisingly, the Penn State women’s team,

Defense Drills

Serving Drills

Russ Rose

Penn State’s 4-station serving drill

Penn State, the defending NCAA D1 women’s champions, puts a huge emphasis on practicing serving, not unlike many other top programs. Here, you’ll see a 4-station serving drill that they did after warm-ups during a preseason practice in mid-August. As Penn State coach Russ Rose explains, this drill is designed to push players to serve


Dave Weitl

Making the game easier for young players

Dave Weitl and Maggie Peters from Washington Volleyball Academy talk here about how to modify the game for young athletes so they don’t get discouraged. Let’s face it, if you’re 4-feet tall, a volleyball net at standard height looms large, and it isn’t easy figuring out how to pass or set or hit. But simplifying

Warm up Drills

Salima Rockwell

A look at Penn State’s warm-up

To get good ideas on how to coach, it only makes sense to study the habits of a championship team. So Art of Coaching Volleyball paid a visit in mid-August to Penn State, the defending D1 women’s champs and owners of a record-tying 6 NCAA titles. Practice, of course, started off with a warm-up. As



Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 7.12.19 PM

Pre-practice strength and agility volleyball workout

An important part of volleyball training for successful club, high school, college and pro teams is the pre-practice strength and flexibility workout, which not only helps players improve performance but reduces injury risk. To give you a comprehensive look at a well-designed workout, we filmed a 16-part pre-practice training session at Texas Advantage Volleyball Club





Mas Shibata

A Critical Analysis of Volleyball Skills Series Intro

  After completing the Sport Science Analysis of Volleyball Series, I will be writing a series of continuing articles that will focus on a Critical Analysis of the Technical Skills of our sport.  In the preparation of writing this series, a structure for presenting specific concepts and visual data for analysis has been an evolving



How To Get To The Next Level

Terry Liskevych gives his thoughts on the mentality players need to have if they want to make it to the next level

Coaches Profile

Mother McAuley HS Volleyball

Chicago Style Volleyball with Mother McAuley HS

Jen DeJarld is now in her ninth season as head coach of the Mother McAuley girls’ volleyball team in Chicago. A visit to one of her practices tells you a lot about why her team is consistently at the top of the rankings. Drills are competitive, creative and game-like, and each training session progresses from

Setting Drills

Austin Juniors

Setting drill that moves really fast

This is a cool drill because it not only helps players improve their setting, it moves at a pace that adds a conditioning component and also requires them to make quick decisions about what they will be doing next. Austin Juniors demonstrates here, with Coach Mike Garcia narrating. As you’ll see, everybody is moving all

Hitting Drills

Blocking Drills

Serve Receive


Serve Receive Drill

Serve Receive Drill

A drill that forces a team execute the serve receive and terminate six balls in a row.


Ron Kordes

Emphasizing a team-first attitude in preseason

Ron Kordes, coach at Assumption High in Louisville, Ky., and KIVA volleyball club, talks here about the importance of letting players know from the very beginning of the season that being successful depends largely on putting the team first.


What Makes a Good Coach

Joe Sagula

Joe Sagula on what makes a good coach

Great advice here from University of North Carolina women’s volleyball coach Joe Sagula on how to develop your coaching philosophy. As he notes, the first thing you need to do is study the great ones. If you soak up the methodologies of other successful coaches, you’ll be able to blend the borrowed information into a


Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 1.15.41 AM

Inside Out Coaching and Seasons of Life

  Joe Ehrmann, the coach profiled in the national bestseller Season of Life, explains how coaches at every level, from Little League to high school to NCAA Division I and even the professional leagues, can use sports to transform lives. Coaches have a tremendous platform, says Joe Ehrmann, a former Syracuse University All-American and NFL


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