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Establish behavioural guidelines and parent accountability with a 20 minute certification that ensures parents understand the do's and don'ts of being a good sports parent 

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Sports Parent Certification

The number one reason why kids play sports is to have fun. Sometimes, well-intentioned but uneducated parents can become a dark cloud over their athlete's sports experience, focusing on outcomes over development and enjoyment.

The Sports Parent Certification is a video-based course that provides team parents with important information about the standard of communication and behaviors expected of them throughout the season. The goal of this course is to efficiently and effectively educate your parents about these topics to ensure their athletes have a safe, enjoyable, and rewarding season.

Here's a sneak peek:

Course includes:

  • Sports Parenting Introduction
  • The Do's and Don'ts of Sports Parenting (5 min. video)
  • 7 Things You Gotta Know (7 min. video)
  • Comprehension Quiz

Research shows that 70% of kids stop playing organized sports by age 13

Why? One of the main reasons is because of the gap between the kid's desire to have fun and the parents' misguided belief that the main goal is to win, earn a scholarship and go pro.

More course features you'll appreciate

As a coach, athletic director or other team administrator, you want to make sure the parents of your athletes are actually watching the course videos and processing the messages in them. 

Here's how we make that possible:

Admin Access

Admins are able to see who has and has not yet completed the course

Monitored Progression

Parents cannot move onto the next section until they watch the whole video

Comprehensive Quiz

The 6 question multiple-choice quiz demonstrates understanding

PDF Printables

Parents/teams can print a summary of each section or full course for review

Affordable Cost

At only $5 per parent, it's an affordable cost you can pass to parents in team fees


A downloadable certificate is created upon completion of the course and quiz

Rules & Terms

Bonus: A printable packet of basic volleyball rules and terminology

Goal-Setting Worksheet

Bonus: A goal-setting worksheet for parents and athletes to do together

How it works


Purchase the course for the total number of parents you have in your program At only $5 per parent, it's an easy cost to add to their team fees for the year


Email the provided link to all parents you want to take the course Make sure to let them know when they need to complete the course by


Each parent will set up an account and take the course From your admin account, you can monitor who has or hasn't completed the course


Ask that parents print and post the course summary in their house (Optional) Having key course points visible at home will help reinforce good behaviors over the season


Relax and focus on your coaching duties! Rest easy knowing the parents in your program understand their role and what's required of them

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