The three-time NCAA Libero of the Year and former USA national team member provides insider tips, techniques and strategies in this exceptional training package.

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Win More Rallies with Better Libero Training

THE LIBERO. It’s the newest position in volleyball and arguably the toughest. That’s because it comes with massive defensive responsibilities and zero margin for error, often with little recognition for the effort.  

To succeed as a libero, a player must be quick with fast reflexes, display exceptional ball-handling skills, have a knack for reading the game, and possess a fierce mindset for dealing with the intense pressure that comes with the territory.  

Grooming players for this challenging role requires a specialized training regimen. In the Natalie Hagglund Libero Training Series, you’ll get 24 action-packed video lessons that reveal just how to bring out the best in your liberos ... from three-time NCAA Libero of the Year and Team USA member Natalie Hagglund herself.  

Topics include: 

  • Keeping the hands neutral and apart for quicker reactions 
  • Using the “laser beam” method for creating better platform angles  
  • Reducing extra head and body movement for more consistent passing 
  • Moving along a direct path to reach the ball faster 
  • Taking a “jab step” to get a quicker jump on low balls 
  • Executing a powerful overhand pass that gets to the target 
  • Enlisting the “fire hydrant” technique to deal with deep serves 
  • Switching up serve-receive to neutralize a troublesome server  

Because we know you’re busy, we’ve made the program entirely self-paced. Just work through the course when you have time!

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Key Features


Learn Natalie’s best-kept secrets. Each lesson contains proven techniques and strategies to help liberos master the defensive game. 


Bring out the best in your liberos. Learn drills for improving ball control, hitter coverage, decision-making and more. 


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The Total Package

  • 55 minutes of libero-specific instruction  
  • 24 video lessons
  • 10+ training drills  
  • Specialized instruction covering body posture and movement, communication and strategy
  • “Members only” access to the full Art of Coaching Volleyball library, including 1,500 videos, clinics, practice plans and more

Topics Covered




Full Package - 24 Videos!

Serve Receive

  • Basic serve-receive positioning for liberos 
  • Serve-receive posture and preparation 
  • Passing platform: ‘Pancake, pancake, sausage, sausage’ 
  • Towel drill to keep your shoulders forward 
  • Drill for forming better platform angles 
  • Minimizing head and body movement when passing 
  • Adjusting serve-receive to the strength of passers 
  • How many passers for serve-receive? 
  • Switching serve-receive positioning to adapt to server 
  • Dealing with high serves as a passer 
  • Creating a platform as you move 
  • Overhand serve-receive 
  • The fire hydrant move for deep serves 


  • Defensive starting posture and hand-positioning 
  • Bosu drill for better balance on defense 
  • Taking a direct path to the ball 
  • Digging under the net drill 
  • Ball-control drill to improve decision-making 
  • Defensive court positioning between middle and left back 
  • Playing defense behind the block  


Additional Training

  • Communication before, during and after the play 
  • Keys to covering the hitter 
  • Libero setting when the setter digs  


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About Your Instructor: Natalie Hagglund

Natalie Hagglund knows defense. As a three-time All-American and Libero of the Year at the University of Southern California, the former team captain helped lead the Trojans to two Elite Eight appearances, two Final Four bids, and a Pac-12 Championship. Her play earned her a school record for digs, a spot on the Pac-12 All-Century Team and an ongoing stint with Team USA. With her rich resume of success and extensive expertise in the back court, it’s no wonder she is known as one of the best defensive specialists in the game.

Collegiate Career 

  • University of Southern California team member 2010-2014 
  • Three-time USC team captain  
  • Won the 2011 Pac-12 Championship title 
  • Made two Final Four and four Elite Eight appearances 
  • Set a USC school record with 2,362 digs  

National & Professional Career 

  • Member of Team USA 2013-16
  • Member of Volero Zurich 2014-16 
  • Won gold medals at the 2015 Pan-American Cup, 2015 Pan-American Games, 2015 NORCECA Championships and 2016 NORCECA Olympic Qualification Tournament 
  • Won silver medals at the 2014 Pan-American Cup, 2014 Montreux Volley Masters and 2016 FIVB World Grand Prix 
  • Won a bronze medal at the 2015 World Cup  


  • Three-time All-American 
  • Three-time Libero of the Year 
  • Member of the Pac-12 All-Century Team  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who should get this series?  

The Natalie Hagglund Libero Training Series is for anyone who wants to learn the skills and strategies to be a libero. This includes: parents who want to understand the libero role better, players who are training to be their team’s libero, coaches who want to train their liberos more effectively, and athletic directors who want to provide their coaches with essential libero training tools.

Q: How long will it take me to get through the entire series? 

We know how busy coaches are, so we purposely designed the Natalie Hagglund Libero Training Series to be short and easy to digest. Each video is less than 5 minutes, so you could finish the entire series in under an hour. Or you can view one or two videos at a time as your schedule allows. Either way, the course is designed to be self-paced, so you decide how fast or slow to go.

Q: Do I have lifetime access to the content?  

Yes! When you purchase the Natalie Hagglund Libero Training Series, you’ll be able to view the videos any time you want. Better yet, if you sign up for a premium membership, you’ll get access to Natalie’s Libero Training Series AND the rest of our online library (including coaching courses, clinics, pre-made practice plans and worksheets) for as long as you have a premium subscription. Think of it as your personal toolbox for becoming the best coach you can be. 

Q: Why should I get this series?

The libero is one of the toughest positions on the court due to the massive defensive responsibilities and zero margin for error. That’s why we brought in Natalie Hagglund, one of today’s best liberos, to teach you how to boost the performance of your defensive specialists. In the Natalie Hagglund Libero Training Series, you’ll get the specialized training you need—through skill-building drills, strategy discussions and insider tips—to create a rock-solid defense that extends rallies. 

Whether your goal is to become a skilled libero or you want to take your team’s defensive game to a higher level, you’ll find the tools you need in this short, yet highly effective training series.  

Q: Will I be able to view the videos in any order?  

We recommend you watch the videos in order the first time you view the series because each video builds upon the next. After that, we encourage you to refer back to the videos in any order you please, depending on your topic of interest.

Q: Where can I view the series?  

You can view the Natalie Hagglund Libero Training Series (and all of our other training series) anytime, anywhere, on any device. Simply log into the site and go to My Training Series from your My Account dashboard.

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