The national team member and four-time NCAA All-American setting star shares setting drills, techniques and strategies in this exceptional training package.

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Become a Setting Master

The setter is a key player on offense. Some would say THE key player. That’s because the setter is involved in nearly every play—setting the offensive rhythm, deciding which plays to run, and converting poor passes into hittable balls. Yet mastering the techniques of setting can be difficult. 

In the Lauren Carlini Setting Package, the four-time All-American and USA National Team member gives you 40 action-packed videos of setter-specific drills, advanced setting challenges and pre-match strategy discussions designed to improve your offense.  

Topics include: 

  • Using the “triangle” technique for attaining correct hand position
  • Promoting a neutral body position to fool the opponent’s defense
  • Positioning your body properly to execute forward, back, side, jump and spin sets
  • Getting to balls quickly using shuffle, run, outside plant and inside spin movements
  • Performing jump sets using four different footwork patterns
  • Controlling the ball when setting to different locations on the court

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Lauren Carlini's Setter Training Series: Key Features


Learn how to train like a pro. Lauren gives you 30+ skill-developing drills and coaching tips drawn from her own setting experiences.


Use the weekly setter challenges to test what you've learned, then head to the AOC Facebook page to see how your skills stack up against others!


Learn how to prepare for a big match. Lauren shares strategies for making a game plan that stifles competitors’ strengths and exploits their weaknesses. 


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The Total Package

  • 76 minutes of setter-specific instruction  
  • 4 core modules 
  • 40 training videos 
  • 27 drills covering setting technique, footwork and body movement 
  • 3 analysis videos & interviews addressing setter development and match prep  
  • 10 challenges for pushing setter skills to a higher level 
  • “Members only” access to the full Art of Coaching Volleyball library, including 1,500 videos, clinics, practice plans and more
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Topics Covered




Full Package - 40 Videos!

Drills for Middle School Setters

  • 12's drill intro
  • Close wall setting
  • High wall setting
  • Set to self and wall
  • Side setting 
  • Squat setting
  • One-handed sets 
  • Basketball keys drill
  • Triangle hand placement drill
  • Ground setting drill 
  • Stability ball drill 
  • Partner knee work drill 
  • Weight shift and leg work drill 
  • Half star drill 
  • Star footwork patterns drill  

Interviews & Breakdowns  

  • Interview: 8 lessons I've learned
  • Breakdown - PSU
  • Breakdown - WSU

Drills for High School Setters 

  • Wall drills
  • Body control: Down & up drill
  • Body control: Partner work
  • Body control: Basketball keys
  • Body control: Monkey in the middle
  • Triangle setting
  • Jump and jump spin setting
  • Rock paper scissors drill
  • Eye work drill
  • Core work drill
  • Tight ball setting drill
  • Out of system setting drill


10 Setting Challenges

  • Challenge 1: Set 200 quick balls 
  • Challenge 2: Set to hoop 
  • Challenge 3: Spider set 
  • Challenge 4: Two-ball weave 
  • Challenge 5: Two-ball weave with bounce pass 
  • Challenge 6: Cartwheel 
  • Challenge 7: Setting against wall 
  • Challenge 8: Rock, paper scissors 
  • Challenge 9: Rock, paper, scissors 2.0 
  • Challenge 10: Somersaults

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About Your Instructor: Lauren Carlini

As volleyball players go, Lauren Carlini ranks among the best of the best. During her storied career spanning more than a decade, she has earned recognition as a four-time All-American, member of the USA Women’s National Team and the first ever volleyball recipient of the esteemed AAU Sullivan Award. She has trained with legendary coaches, competed at the collegiate, national and professional levels, and has been heralded as one of today’s best elite setters.

Collegiate Career 

  • University of Wisconsin team member 2013-2017 
  • Won the 2014 NCAA Championship title 
  • Appeared in 4 straight NCAA Tournaments 
  • Earned 4 national rankings, never lower than 4th 
  • Ranked 2nd on the University of Wisconsin record list with 5,599 assists
  • Set a University of Wisconsin record for 74 career double-doubles

National & Post-Collegiate Career 

  • Member of the Savino Del Bene Volleyball professional team 2017-present 
  • Member of USA Girls’ Youth and Women’s National Volleyball teams 2010-present 
  • Won gold and bronze medals at the NORCECA Pan-American Cup


  • 2017 AAU Sullivan Award winner 
  • 2017 Big Ten Conference Medal of Honor winner 
  • Four-time All-American  
  • Four-time AAU All-American  
  • Two-time Big Ten Setter of the Year 
  • Four-time first-team All-Conference Award winner 
  • 2014 Big Ten Player of the Year 
  • 2013 Big Ten Freshman of the Year

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who should get this series?  

The Lauren Carlini Setter Training Series is for anyone who wants to learn what it takes to be a skilled setter. This includes: parents who want to understand the setter role better, players who are training to be their team’s setter, liberos or other non-setters who want to improve their setting skills, coaches who want to train setters more effectively, and athletic directors who want to provide their coaches with essential setting tools.

Q: How long will it take me to get through the entire series? 

Most videos in the Lauren Carlini Setter Training Series are less than 10 minutes long. If you have the time, it’s possible to watch them all in about an hour and a half. Or you can view one or two at a time and spread the series out over a couple of days. The videos are ready for viewing whenever it fits your schedule.

Q: Where can I view the series? 

You’re a busy person, so we make sure our videos are available wherever and whenever you need them. You can view the Lauren Carlini Setter Training Series—and all of our other Art of Coaching Volleyball videos—on any device, anytime, anywhere just by logging into the site and heading to My Training Series from your My Account dashboard

Q: Why should I get this series?

Setting requires excellent touch and technique, and who better to train you than a 10-year veteran revered as one of the best setters in the world? In the Lauren Carlini Setter Training Series, you’ll get access to unique drills that develop setting skills quicker and more effectively. You’ll find challenges that will test and push current skills to new levels. You’ll also hear Lauren and Hall of Fame Coach Jim Stone describe how to develop a winning game plan by assessing competitor strengths and weaknesses. If your goal is to become a better setter or you want to help your setters reach a higher performance level, the Lauren Carlini Setter Training Series has the tools you need to get there.

Q: Do I have lifetime access to the content?  

If you purchase the Lauren Carlini Setter Training Series, you’ll be able to view the videos any time you want; they won't expire. If you sign up for a premium membership, you’ll get access to Lauren's Setter Series AND the rest of our online library (including coaching courses, clinics, pre-made practice plans and worksheets) for as long as you have a premium subscription. It’s our way of giving you everything you need to become the best coach you can be. 

Q: Will I be able to view the videos in any order? 

The videos may be viewed in any sequence. When it comes to using the training drills with players, however, we suggest going in the order they are arranged. They get progressively more difficult, so give your setters time to master simpler drills before moving on to more complex ones.

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